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Parenting tips, inspiration, resources and advice to help you raise the best child on the planet - with online courses to help your child get into college and raising a happy child.



Our two courses, College Bound and Happiness, are launching on JUNE 1st, 2024!

College Bound

Starts June 1st

Unlock the path to academic success and college admission with Jody B. Miller's expertly curated course. Dive into a transformative journey that covers the essential foundations of parenting for academic achievement, fosters a love for learning, and guides you seamlessly through the intricacies of standardized tests and the college application process. Discover strategies for building resilience, fostering social skills, and preparing your child for extracurricular success. From understanding financial aid to long-term academic planning and navigating special topics in college admission, this course empowers parents to play a pivotal role in their child's success. Join us on this empowering journey and set your child on the road to a bright future! Enroll now and be the catalyst for your child's educational triumphs.


Starts June 1st

Elevate your parenting journey with our exclusive course, "Transform Your Parenting Overnight: The Happiness Course Every Parent Needs!" Designed by Jody B. Miller, seasoned parenting expert, this transformative experience is your gateway to creating a joyful and harmonious household. Explore the foundational elements of happy parenting, from understanding your child's emotional needs to fostering positive habits and effective communication. Dive into modules on emotional intelligence, the parent-child relationship, educational play, and social skills, gaining practical insights and strategies for navigating modern challenges. Packed with valuable bonuses, including printable resources and a comprehensive e-book, this course is your go-to guide for cultivating a lifetime of happiness in your child.

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