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  • Jody B. Miller

Giving the Talk of Your Life Can Be VERY SCARY - But it Doesn't Have to be

As a Parent, we have many talks that we need, or want to give during our lives.

Sometimes we feel so strongly about this message that we just give it unprepared, and wait for the fall-out.

Other times, we stuff it back down and, well, never give it.

This can weigh heavy on us over time.

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

-John Ford

I've given many talks to audiences around the world. My talks have been on a grand stage (as in TEDx and Global Conferences), but there are other talks that mean just as much - or even more.

How many times have you wanted to deliver a very important talk to a child, a teacher, a school board, a family member, a friend or on a grand stage?

You probably are pretty close to knowing who you want to give this talk to and a general idea about the topic of your talk.

I'd love to share the latest episode of my podcast with you where I share how this course topic came to be. If I help just one person when I give talks of my life, and the course I am launching very soon, it's worth it. I always change for the better when I give these talks to. It feels so good to make a difference in the world.

Here is my podcast: Episode 36 of The MISOGI Method. If you are inclined to take action after listening to this episode, I commend you and can't wait to hear from you.

Parenting can be tough, rewarding, frustrating, proud feeling, fearful, and so much more.

But stepping up to give that unique talk, to share the message you know you need or want to give, can be a transformative experience.

I have given hour long talks in front of massive audiences, small group talks and one on one talks to teachers, my children, a group of youth about to graduate from college, and much more. Giving the Talk of My Life to one of my children, might have been the hardest talk I've ever given. But WOW!, what a difference it made in my life, my child's life and in our relationship, which became closer than ever.

In the FREE Audio Mini-Course you will learn the 3 Things You Must Know to Give the Talk of Your Life, including examples of different kinds of talks to different audiences.

I invite you to do both. Listen to the podcast episode and take the short FREE Audio Mini-Course,

I look forward to hearing from you when you're ready!

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