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  • Jody B. Miller

If You're a Parent With a Special Way of Raising Your Child(ren) - This Course May Be For You.

Hi Parent Friends,

This is the last day to sign up for the YOUR Unforgettable Talk Mastery Course. It starts tomorrow! Well, 12:01am, right after midnight tonight for all of you night owls.

In this course you will create an Unforgettable Talk with an Unforgettable Message that only you can give.

Bring your story, your child's story, your story raising your child(ren) into the talk, along with all the strategies to land the grand stage (if that is on your bucket list). It was on mine and I gave a TED Talk. Guess what? I am applying for a second one!

We all have ideas/messages/solutions/ways of looking at the world that can help others. Isn't it time you share yours?

Learn how to create your Unforgettable Talk and give it to any audience you dream of. Even an audience of one.

I hope to see you in the course. Just click on the logo to join.

It's going to be life changing.

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