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  • Jody B. Miller

How Meditation Helps Kids Focus

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Virtual learning.

Social Isolation.

Distractions at home because everyone is home - all day long.

How can you help your child focus?


Read this great partial Interview of how one school is doing it by Biomika

Watch it here too:

Can't concentrate, get overly frustrated, sometimes angry all the time, and then they introduced this technique where the student can dive within and enliven that inner happiness, inner intelligence, inner creativity and love, and they see the problems start evaporating.


It keeps me calm through the day, helps me focus on my schoolwork. I'm just a lot less angry, and so it's also easier to like talk to people and communicate and relationships are a lot easier. It's made a huge impact.


I mean it's turned our community 360. We have seen English scores, improved math scores, improve reading scores, improve... I am Telling You Now. I am a believer. You see, if you say how come this, is it everywhere? It just works.

The technique is now voluntarily taught by teachers in ninety elementary schools to children up to the age of twelve. There are plans to introduce it in high schools as well teacher Vince Edwards says the results are clear.

The practice has resulted in higher levels of concentration amongst mindful students. They're 24 % less aggressive and achieved 15 % higher math grades, and you've seen a difference, a huge difference.

Carly and Thompson is the school principal.

They actually taught the students how to redirect that negative energy into something positive.

So have you seen suspensions go down?

We've had zero suspensions. The Smith Brothers make a good point about trying to resolve conflict and, as many teachers will tell you, sometimes they can't teach because of other issues that kids are facing.

Should they start meditating in Washington? I'm curious in these schools. Is there time set aside for this just like gym class, or how does it actually work functionally?

So there's, a fifteen minute practice at the beginning, at the end of the day that the entire school participates in based on some belly breathing and centering practices, specific breathing exercises and a breath meditation.

In a room, the kids can get referred to in times of crisis where they can come in and they've 20 minutes to kind of Center themselves, work with one of our staff members on some mindfulness practices of the meditation and then, by the end of the 20 minutes they're ready to go back to class.

This seemed to be well-received by everybody: teachers, students, the parents, they all loved it. It's helping the students regulate themselves. It's helping the teachers with managing the classrooms and the kids go home and teach the practices to their parents.

This is truly cutting-edge...

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