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  • Jody B. Miller

FREE Audio Course: Teaching Children to Have Successful Speaking Interactions

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Children need to learn how to speak successfully to:

  • Adults

  • Teachers

  • Other Kids

  • College Admissions Directors (and Admissions Directors if they are applying to private school)

  • Sports/Activities Coaches/Teachers

  • School plays and school council auditions

  • Family

  • Job interviews (even at a young age)

  • Presentations in front of class

We hear what happens during our kids interactions after the fact for the most part, yet we rarely teach them how to craft their best talk to whatever particular audience they are addressing.

And we don't show them enough how to gain confidence to give that talk or tips on performing it.

For you parents who are doing all you can to raise the best KIDZ on the planet, this will help.

I have a FREE Audio Mini-Course that you can listen to so that you can guide your child as they craft a talk / presentation / speech to any audience (maybe even you!)

It's a sneak peek into a larger Master Course I teach.

I hope you enjoy it and please give me feedback as to how it worked for your child.

May I be so daring as to say that I do believe it will help you too in all your interactions with your child, on behalf of your child and even for yourself in your life.

I will send you the three lessons (along with some stories in the emails that accompany the recordings, that exemplify what I teach you).

Here's to helping you when it comes to giving that great talk that wants or needs to be given.

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